Imaging Spectroscopy, the technique of acquiring spectral fingerprint of Earth and Planetary surfaces is a state-of-the art remote sensing technique. Over the past decade, the hyperspectral data acquired using orbiter, lander and rover have revolutionized resource exploration and scientific understanding. In terrestrial applications, this technique has been extensively used in areas such as mineral exploration, water- and air-quality monitoring, soil, snow and ice mapping. In planetary explorations, this technique has offered vital information on the Lunar- and Martian-lithology, regolith mineralogy, and chemistry. Hyperspectral imagers like AVIRIS, HYDICE, HYPERION, TES, M3 and HySI have enabled generation of laboratory like spectra for precise compositional mapping and semi-quantiative abundance estimation. Unlike conventional remote sensing techniques, this technique needs highly sophisticated image processing and interpretation skills.
Realizing the importance of hyperspectral remote sensing, NRDMS-DST has initiated several schemes to promote this technique. However, in India this technology is yet to gain momentum due to shortage of trained human resource.
Department of Earth Sciences, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay has been playing a pivotal role in disseminating recent technological advances through its train-the-trainer programmes. This DST sponsored training programme is one such initiative aimed at imparting training on the basic and applied aspects of HRS to Indian remote sensing community.


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