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  • Pre-symposium event for Protolith '15
  • ERSA@ PG cult '15
  • Website launch of Protolith '15
  • Freshers' party
  • Winners@ Freshers' party
  • Monsoon Footie 2015
  • Interactive session with Dr. C.H. Mehta
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  • Seniors @ Convocation day
Pre-symposium event for Protolith '151 ERSA@ PG cult '152 Website launch of Protolith '15 3 Freshers' party 4 Winners@ Freshers' party 5 Monsoon Footie 20156 Interactive session with Dr. C.H. Mehta7 PG cult-20148 Seniors @ Convocation day9
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The  inception of Earth Sciences Association (ERSA) is to promote advance knowledge and awareness in field of Earth Sciences. It provides a platform for students to step up their extra-curricular activities like sports, cultural, literary and arts.

The ERSA has been existing since about 1983 but it was officially recognized as a part of the Students Activities Centre (SAC), IIT Bombay in year 2005. Currently, ERSA Council comprises of a Departmental General Secretary, a Departmental Association General Secretary, an Associate Secretary (Cultural Affairs), an Associate Secretary (Literary and Art affairs), an Associate Secretary (Sport Affairs), an Associate Secretary (Web affairs), an Associate Secretary(Alumni affairs) and a PG Sports nominee.

Although ERSA is a student organization, there are enthusiastic faculty members continuously boosting ERSA activities. The faculty members who are directly involved in governing the ERSA activities are :-

  • President - Prof. G. Mohan
  • Treasurer -Prof. M Radhakrishna
  • Cultural Affairs - Prof. G Mathew
  • Literary Affairs - Prof. M Mukul
  • Sports Affairs - Prof. S Mukherjee
  • Web Affairs - Prof. H S Pandalai
  • Alumni Affairs - Prof. G.N.Jadhav