Faculty Advisors:

M. Tech. (Geoexploration)

Students need to qualify the GATE examination. See GATE website for details

First year – Prof. Jahnavi Punekar

Second year – Prof. V. Vishal

Sr. NoCourse NumberCore CoursesL    TPC
1GS 671Groundwater Exploration3006
2GS 673Mineral Exploration3006
3GS 675Petroleum Exploration3006
4GS 687Methods in Structural Geology0135
5GS 694Seminar0040
6GS 792Communication Skills II0204
7HS 791Communication Skills I0002
  Elective I3006
  Elective II3006
  Total: 45    
  Elective I, Elective II    
1GS 647Principles and applications of Isotope Geology3006
2GS 649Tectonics and Mechanism of Mobile Belts3006
3GS 663Exploration Geophysics3006
4GS 669Principles of  Photogrammetry3006
5GS 677Remote Sensing, GIS and GPS3006
6GS 679Basin Analysis and Applied Micropaleontology3006
7GS 681Underground Excavation Technology3006
8GS 683Advanced Structural Analysis3006
9GS 685Aqueous Environmental Geochemistry3006
10GS 689Modern Analytical Methods in Geosciences0135
11GS 701Seismic Data Processing and Seismic Stratigraphy3006
12GS 703Structural Geology and Subsurface Geological Mapping3006
Sr. NoCourse NumberCourse NameLTPC
  Elective III3006
  Elective IV3006
  Elective V3006
  Institute Elective3006
  Elective (Outside the department)3006
  Elective III, Elective IV, Elective V    
1GS 650Mantle Petrology and Diamonds3006
2GS 654Mining Geostatistics3006
3GS 656Geothermics3006
4GS 662Petroliferous Basins Of India3006
5GS 672Reservoir Sedimentology3006
6GS 674Applied Rock Mechanics for River Valley Projects3006
7GS 676Well logging3006
8GS 678Advanced Geomorphology3006
9GS 680Rock Slope Analysis3006
10GS 682Industrial Mineralogy3006
11GS 684Applied Multivariate Statistical Analysis in Geology3006
12GS 688Petroleum Geochemistry3006
13GS 706Petrophysics3006
14GS 708Petroleum Geostatistics3006
1GS 797I Stage Project – Total Credits 48    
1GS 798II Stage Project – Total Credits 42
 Semester ISemester IISemester IIISemester IVTotal Credits
Core Courses18---18
Dept. Electives1218--30
Institute Electives-6--6
Courses from outside the Department-6--6
Lab Course5---5
R&D Project-----
Communication Skill6---6
Training (P/NP)-----
Course Credits4530--75
Project Credits--484290
Total Credits45304842165
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