Since its inception in 1982 the Department of Earth Sciences has been in the forefront of education in Geological Sciences. It has served the needs of the growing demand in the country for specialists in mining and oil field industries and has been actively engaged in research and education programmes in other areas as well. The education programmes are aimed at producing trained personnel for research and developmental work.

Research work in the department is funded by the IIT Bombay and by external funding agencies such as Department of Science and Technology (DST), Council for scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), Government of Maharashtra and other states as well as several public sector organisations. Research work is conducted mainly in the areas of geothermics, aiming at the evaluation of the geothermal energy potential of our country, Deccan basalt petrochemistry and palaeomagnetism, sedimentology, Vindhyan Basin evolution, microbial signature in siliciclastic sediments and recent sediment analysis, petroleum geology, electrofacies interpretations, neural network modelling, evolution of Tapti Basin, mathematical modelling of ore deposits, remote sensing applications in mineral exploration and geomorphology, micropalaeontology, microfacies analysis, fluid inclusion studies, sulphide petrology, engineering geology, hydrogeology, hydrogeochemistry, earthquake seismology, structural analysis and neo-tectonics.

Apart from teaching commitments, the faculty members undertake several sponsored research programmes, consultancy assigments and short term courses under Continuing Education Programme.