Title Of Thesis Supervised/Supervising


  1. Geochemistry of thermal springs along the west coast of India, Maharashtra,India (1993; A. Ramanathan)
  2. Flow stratigraphy, geochemistry and paleomagnetism of Central Deccan Volcanics and evolution model for Deccan Volcanism (1994; P.Navaneethakrishnan).
  3. Evaluation of groundwater resources along northern coastal region of Bombay (1995; Lekha Siraz).
  4. Saltwater intrusion studies along the coastal hard rock aquifer, Maharashtra, India (1995; Siraz).
  5. Geochemistry, petrogenesis, stratigraphy and structure of Deccan Flood Basalts of the Western Satpura -Tapi region, India (1998; Hetu C Sheth).
  6. Geology and Geochemistry of metavolcanics and associated sulphide ores of Kalyadi and Ingaldhal, Karnataka State, South India (1999; Biju Mathew).
  7. Saltwater intrusion in coastal areas: The use of SHARP, a Quasi 3D finite difference model to simulate fresh water and saltwater flow in Wadi Surdud, Yemen Republic (2000; Al-Khateeb).
  8. Mineralogy and geochemistry of soils associated with different climatic regions of Maharashtra (2000; M.Swaminathan).
  9. Fluoride contamination in groundwater, Hungund, Karnataka. (2002: Jalihal, A.A)
  10. Fluoride contamination in groundwater, Morel river basin, Rajasthan (2004: Hema C. T).
  11. Fluoride contamination in groundwatee, Karbi-Anglom, Assam (2007: Saji, S)
  12. Geochemistry of Barren Island volcanics and fumeroles, Andaman Sea (2008: A.Alam)
  13. Arsenic uptake by crops in relation to soil types, West Bengal (2010 Syed Hilal Farooq).
  14. Hydro geochemistry and microbiological evaluation of groundwater in the unconfined urban aquifer system of Douala-Cameroon. (Ms. Gloria Eyong E. Takem, Univ. Buea, Cameroon, TWAS Fellow: in progress).
  15. Arsenic content in groundwater of Mizoram, NE India ( Thanmbidurai in progress)
  16. Geo-Sequestration of carbon dioxide in coal seams ( Bala Murali in progress: jointly with Monash Univ. Australia)
  17. Geothermal energy resources assessment, Bihar & Jharkhand ( Hemant Kumar Singh; in progress)
  18. Arsenic contamination in groundwater, Manipur ( Chandrasekhar Azad Kashayp, in progress)
  19. A numerical study of creation of optimal fracture networks for heat extraction from engineered geothermal reservoirs ( Banambar Singh, IITB Monash, In progress)
  20. Hydrochemistry of groundwater in Tigray region, Northern Ethiopia (PDF: Dr. Dessie Nedaw, C V Raman Fellow. 2011)



  1. Ore geochemistry and Cu partitioning between host rock and liquid phase at various salinity levels of a sulphide deposit, Ingaldhal, Karnataka (1992; Haragopal).
  2. Geochemistry of sulphide deposit and solubility of silver and associated sulphides in NaCl solutions, Ingaldhal (1993; M.C.Antu).
  3. Geothermal energy and its application to small scale industry: a case study: Agnigundala thermal springs, Andhra Pradesh (1995; S.A.Jayaprakash).
  4. Groundwater potential zonation in the coastal aquifer of Srivardhan, Raigarh district,Maharashtra- A GIS approach (1998; Lalitendu Dash).
  5. Study of recent foraminifera and ambient water chemistry of Kavaratti and Minicoy islands, Lakshadweep, India (1998; Diman Majumdar).
  6. Arsenic contamination in groundwater, west Bengal (2000:IITB-DAAD sandwich programme; Juli Karmakar).
  7. Study of heavy metals in groundwater, Nashik District, Maharashtra (2000; S.Suchismita).
  8. Geoexploration for diamonds in kimberlites from Mainpur area, Raipur, Chhattisgarh State.( 2001: K.C.Vinod).
  9. Arsenic contamination in groundwater, norther part of West Bengal (2002: DAAD-IITB collaborative programme, Manabesh C).
  10. Arsenic uptake by food crops: Noida district, West Bengal (2003: DAAD-IITB Programme, Paramita A).
  11. Fluoride contamination in groundwater-Bilwara, Rajasthan (2003; Sengupta, S.)
  12. Fluoride contamination of groundwater in and around Kinwat, Nanded district, Maharashtra ( 2004: M. Sukla)
  13. Arsenic contamination in groundwater, Balia district, Uttar Pradesh (2005: Anita Joshi)
  14. Arsenic contamination in groundwater and uptake of arsenic by food crops , Malda district,West Bengal. (W. Dhanachandra: 2006 DAAD fellow)
  15. Fluoride contamination in and around Anugual district, Orissa. ( Jogeshwar Kumbhar, 2007).
  16. Petrological study and reconstruction of subsurface lithological sequence of upper Godavari Basin using drill cores (Banambar Singh, 2010
  17. Reconstructiojn of subsurface lithoilogy of Godavari Basin between Aswaraopet, Draksharamam and Mandipet using drill cores ( Deepika Singh, 2010)
  18. High heat generating granites of Gugi, Ukkinal (Karnataka) and Rajapur (Maharashtra) and their bearing on the evolution of Rajapur thermal springs (Yadvendra Kumar, 2011)
  19. Geochemistry and evolution of thermal springs in Pranhita-Godavari Basin( Bidyut Mohato, 2012)
  20. Assessment of U, Th content in granites of Parts of Rajsthan and its bearing on the heat generation and geothermal systems ( Gautam Garg, 2012)
  21. Arsenic contamination in groundwater of Indravati river basin, Chhattisgarh ( Arindam Gosh, 2012)


M.Sc Dissertations:

  1. Geochemistry of surface, subsurface and hot springs, west coast of India, Maharashtra (1988; S.Balasubramaniam).
  2. Petrology of Ezhimala igneous complex, Kerala (1988; S.Kannan).
  3. Chemical characteristics of thermal springs around Anhoni-Samoni and Anhoni, Madhya Pradesh (1989; Srinivasan).
  4. Geochemistry of Tandur volcanics, Andhra Pradesh (1990; Shivakumar).
  5. Chemical characteristics of thermal springs of Puttur, Karnataka (1991; R.L.Selvakumar).
  6. Geochemistry of Tattapani thermal springs, Madhya Pradesh, India: Field and experimental investigations (1992; M.C.Antu).
  7. Hydrogeochemistry of Tuwa and Tulsi Shyam thermal springs, Gujarat (1993).
  8. Hydrogeochemistry of Shahada and Chopda thermal springs. (1994;Deepak Das).
  9. Geochemistry of Taptapani thermal springs, Orissa (1995).
  10. Hydrogeochemistry of coastal aquifers, Bombay island (1996).
  11. Hydrogeochemistry of Thana-Belapur coast, Maharashtra (1996).
  12. Petrology of basic dikes of Dhule, Deccan Volcanic Province. (1997; Shantanu Kesav).
  13. Hydrochemistry of thermal springs, Tapi rift, Jalgaon, , Maharashtra (1997; Sheel Ranjan Prasad).
  14. Hydrogeochemistry of geothermal springs, northern part of Bombay, Maharashtra, (1998; Julie Karmakar).
  15. Comparative petrographic study of xenoliths occurring in alkali olivine basalts from central Bhuj (Kutch), west coast (Murud-Janjhira) and in basalts from Powai (1999; K.C.Vinod).
  16. Hydrogeochemistry of thermal springs in Unkeswar, Nanded District, Maharashtra, (1999; Saikat Das).
  17. Hydrogeochemical studies of natural waters in and around Powai and Saki Naka, Mumbai, Maharashtra (1999; Smita Chakraborty ).
  18. Hydrogeochemistry of Rajgir thermal springs, Bihar, India (2000; Manabesh Chawdhury).
  19. Hydrogeochemistry of thermal springs in and around Sohana area, Gurgaon District, Haryana. (2001; Basudeb Datta).
  20. Hydrochemistry of thermal springs, Manikaran, Himachal Pradesh (2002; Ayaz Alam).
  21. Hydrogeochemistry of thermal waters, Surajkund, Bihar ( 2003; Saumitri Sarkar).
  22. Petrology of Godhra granite and hydrochemistry of associated thermal springs, Tuwa, Gujarat ( Kaustav Gosh, 2007)
  23. Petrography and melt inclusion study on GPB of Igatpuri, Nasik, Maharashtra (S. Mahapatra, 2007)
  24. Melt inclusions in picrites from Warangishi, Deccan basalt province ( 2007).
  25. Hydrochemistry of thermal springs, Vajreswari ( 2008, Sonu Roy)
  26. Fluoride contamination in groundwater, Nanded (2008, Atulkumar Anurag).
  27. Arsenic and fluoride content in thermal springs of west coast and its bearing on their geochemical evolution ( Shasank Nath, 2011)