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  • Alumni Core Talk
  • Seminar @ Protolith '17
  • Poster Presentation @ Protolith '17
  • Drone Workshop @ Protolith '17
  • Workshop @ Protolith '17
  • Intra dept. Volleyball tournamnet winners
  • PG Cult 2017
  • PG Cult 2017
Protolith '171 Seminar @ Protolith '172 Poster Presentation @ Protolith '17 3 Drone Workshop @ Protolith '17 4 Workshop @ Protolith '17 5 Intra dept. Volleyball tournamnet winners 6 PG Cult 2017 7 PG Cult 2017 8
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The  inception of Earth Sciences Association (ERSA) is to promote advance knowledge and awareness in field of Earth Sciences. It provides a platform for students to step up their extra-curricular activities like sports, cultural, literary and arts.

The ERSA has been existing since about 1983 but it was officially recognized as a part of the Students Activities Centre (SAC), IIT Bombay in year 2005. Currently, ERSA Council comprises of a Departmental General Secretary, a Departmental Association General Secretary, a Cultural Secretary, a Sport Secretary, a Web Secretary, an Alumni Secretary and a PG Sports nominee.

Although ERSA is a student organization, there are enthusiastic faculty members continuously boosting ERSA activities. The faculty members who are directly involved in governing the ERSA activities are :-

  • President - Prof. S.C. Patel
  • Treasurer -Prof. M Radhakrishna
  • Cultural Affairs - Prof. G Mathew
  • Literary Affairs - Prof. M Mukul
  • Sports Affairs - Prof. S Mukherjee
  • Web Affairs - Prof. H S Pandalai
  • Alumni Affairs - Prof. G.N.Jadhav